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    Wayne Dalton door opener


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    Wayne Dalton door opener

    Post  Ducatiman on Sat May 17, 2014 7:51 am

    I have a Wayne Dalton door opener which has always had a problem with the integral light, and recently also when closing. I am in Australia and there is no agent that I can find for Wayne Dalton.
    I purchased my house with the opener installed and there was no manual for the opener. I found the Wayne Dalton website on the internet and have sent them three emails asking for help over the last 3 years, but they have never replied to me, so I am hoping someone on this site may be able to give me some advice.
    The light switches on when the garage door is opening and closing, and stays on for the set period when the door has closed, but once the door has opened, instead of the light staying on, it flashes for the set period at about 30 times a minute.
    I am assuming the flashing is a way for the opener to tell me something is not correct with the installation, but other than the flashing light everything works fine. However, the flashing reduces the life of the bulb substantially.
    Also, for the last few months the door doesn't always stay shut when closing. I realise that if the closer gets too much pressure when closing the door it will reverse, as it assumes the door has met an obstruction. This doesn't always happen though and sometimes the door stays shut. Sometimes the door is still about 2 inches from fully closed when it reverses. Other times it is fully down.
    Logic says that it is friction causing this, but I have lubricated all pivot points, hinges, rollers, etc. on the door and this hasn't made a noticeable  difference
    Does someone have an answer for these problems?

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    Re: Wayne Dalton door opener

    Post  GDZone on Wed May 21, 2014 4:30 pm

    I don't have a Wayne Dalton manual to help you but I'll give you some general advice. The light flashing when the door opens could be an indicator that the up force on the opener is set too light and needs increased. Or it may be sensing that the opener has traveled too far open and the open travel limit needs adjusted so it doesn't open so far. The same can be adjusted for the close travel so it travels a little farther. If you make the travel adjustments and the opener starts up with the same problems a couple of days later then it most likely means that the travel limit assembly is worn, is not staying in adjustment, and needs replaced.

    I found this listing in New Zealand as an international Wayne Dalton dealer but I'm not sure if they would be of any help.

    Tru-Bilt Industries
    586 Kaikorai Valley Rd.
    Dunedin 9001
    Phone:   64-3-488-2060
    Fax:   64-3-488-2061

    Hope this helps. Best regards.

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    Re: Wayne Dalton door opener

    Post  Ducatiman on Wed May 21, 2014 10:58 pm

    Thanks admin.

    I have sent off an inquiry to Tru-Bilt industries. I also just found advice on the net entered by the Wayne Dalton company which stated that they never made the Wayne Dalton door openers. They were made by a separate company, which has since changed it's name to Homerun Holdings Corporation, so I have also sent an inquiry to them.

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    Re: Wayne Dalton door opener

    Post  jayzenony on Tue Jan 10, 2017 6:31 am

    Oh Sorry for that

    There is so many Company on internet providing same services But Before taking any steps you should already know about this.

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    Re: Wayne Dalton door opener

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