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    garage door strut



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    garage door strut

    Post  hawkeyetroy on Sat Dec 27, 2014 12:31 pm

    My truck is too long to fit in my garage due to it hitting the bottom strut when the garage door shuts. Can I replace the 2" strut with a 1" angle iron or even a steel flat bar? I plan on moving the existing strut up one panel and adding as many flat bar or angle iron pieces I need to gain 1-2" of space while maintaining the same support.

    It's a 16' door and I see Lowes & Home Depot carry 8' pieces in either the flat bar or angle iron. I'd prefer adding the flat bar since it will only stick out 1/4" or whatever the thickness would be. I would think adding 2 or 3 of these pieces would provide the same support as one strut does currently......but need some reassurance from others.

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    Re: garage door strut

    Post  GDZone on Sat Dec 27, 2014 6:39 pm

    I would not recommend adding additional stiffeners or u-bars to the garage door unless you plan on also changing the springs. The springs are calibrated to lift a certain weight and if you add extra pieces to the door you'll be increasing the weight of the door. The springs will no longer be able to balance the door properly and will break prematurely.

    I would suggest removing the bottom stiffener and leaving it off. If you can't find anything that is 16' long with a lower profile then the next best thing would be to bolt two 8'pcs of hangar angle together. Try and find some that weighs similar to the stiffener. The stiffener is probably 22 or 20 gauge so it will weigh around 16 lbs. The lightest hanger angle you'll find will probably be 16 gauge but it will be close in weight. This is definitely not the best scenario but it should work. Good luck. santa


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