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    Door opened when locked, did not go well


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    Door opened when locked, did not go well Empty Door opened when locked, did not go well

    Post  esace on Thu Aug 06, 2015 3:54 pm

    I recently had a new garage door installed with a new Liftmaster opener.  After a power outage this morning I disengaged the door to open it. Since it was disengaged, I locked it manually with the lock on the side that slides into the rail on the side.

    Not knowing this, my wife came home and tried to open it with it still locked.  The force from the opener was enough to bend the door in half, bend the support and the opener rail.

    Should the opening force be enough to destroy the door and everything attached to it?  That just doesn't seem right to me but the installer insists that they did nothing wrong.

    Would appreciate any feedback, thanks.

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    Door opened when locked, did not go well Empty Re: Door opened when locked, did not go well

    Post  GDZone on Fri Aug 07, 2015 2:32 am

    That stinks sorry to hear that. It happens more than you think. I know it's a little late now but in the future if you pull the emergency release & lock the door I would suggest that you also pull the plug on the opener so the trolley doesn't accidentally re-engage.

    As far as the force setting on the opener - it all depends on what model of operator you had installed. A lot of the newer openers "learn" the force needed to open & close the door during the initial setup. If that's the case the force was probably correct. Some openers still have dials that can be adjusted to increase or decrease the force but I would guess that most installers probably don't even touch the factory settings for the up force unless the door is unusually heavy.

    Many of the newer steel doors on market use a lighter gauge steel that can bend easily. All garage doors that have a garage door opener should have a u-bar stiffener (or strut) attached to the top section and covers the whole width section - this helps strengthen the section and keep it from bowing. I'm not sure if you had one of those on your door.


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    Door opened when locked, did not go well Gdzlog10

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