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    Updating old Overhead opener


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    Updating old Overhead opener Empty Updating old Overhead opener

    Post  HCO41 on Sat Sep 26, 2015 8:44 pm

    There are two Overhead openers in the garage of a house my friend just bought.  The 1/2hp unit is an Eagle 1000.  The 1/4hp unit is model 450-A.  No remotes were left with house.  I know these are the 9 dip switch units and they are pre-1995.  The 450-A is 360MHZ, the Eagle 1000 is 380MHZ.  I have found replacement remotes for both on the Overhead website. 
    I have 3 control boards removed from post 1995 Legacy model 496CD/B units.  I also have spare remotes matching these boards.  The PN(?) on the boards is 33000A-R3.     

    Question:  Can I replace the boards in the old units with the later boards??

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