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    Both garage door openers not responding to remotes



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    Both garage door openers not responding to remotes

    Post  buffmn on Mon Jan 02, 2017 5:03 pm

    Hi! I'm hoping someone here might have some insight into this issue I'm having with my garage door openers. 

    I have two garage door openers in my garage and they both have stopped responding to wireless remotes and my outdoor wireless keypad. They both stopped responding at the same time. I've tried a bunch of things, searched for what the cause might be, and have come up empty. 

    Here's some info:   

    • Both openers are Chamberlain 3/4 HP units (don't know the model number), 5 years old. 
    • They both work with the wired keypad on the garage wall. 
    • If I hold the remote within an inch of either opener, it will respond. Anything further than that, and they don't respond. 
    • I've replaced the batteries in the remotes and outdoor wireless keypad; no change.
    • I've reprogrammed the remotes; no change. 
    • I've unplugged and power-cycled both openers; no change. 
    • I don't have any LED lights within 100 yards of these openers. (I've been told LEDs can interfere with the signal)
    • The light bulbs on both units are in working order and not burned out. (I've read that burned out lights might cause an issue??)
    • I've inspected both circuit boards and don't see any visible signed of burning or other damage. 

    My current theories: 

    • Power surge zapped them both. Strange thing is that we haven't had any inclement weather recently, nor do we have any other devices throughout our house that have been affected.
    • Something is interfering with the signal. I'm at a complete loss as to how to determine what that might be though. I haven't added any new "devices" or things recently that would have changed the frequencies or signals in the house. 

    I'm stuck! Anyone have any ideas or suggestions on how to diagnose this issue, or know what might be happening here? 

    Thanks in advance for any guidance or ideas on things to try!


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    Re: Both garage door openers not responding to remotes

    Post  mikvil on Sat Jan 14, 2017 1:27 am

    You Should First Check the Batteries, Smile  And the Battery Contacts, If it Doesn't help Try To Clean the Remote Eyes - The plastic covering over the IR unit And The receiving unit, If It doesn't help So You Should Reset the System..

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    Both garage door openers not responding to remotes?

    Post  brooklynnygarage on Tue Jan 31, 2017 4:03 am

    You can find this kind of troubleshooting information is your owners manual. If you do not have yours, a handy thing about the Manage My Life website, is you can go onto the top of the Manage My Life website and click on the tab button then insert your model number into the search box. I have attached a link below so you can view. I hope the link that I have provided you is useful.


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    Re: Both garage door openers not responding to remotes

    Post  jayzenony on Fri Feb 03, 2017 5:28 am

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    Re: Both garage door openers not responding to remotes

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