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    Attention Professional Services & Businesses - PLEASE READ!


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    Attention Professional Services & Businesses - PLEASE READ!

    Post  GDZone on Fri Mar 24, 2017 9:50 pm

    If you own, operate or represent a garage door company or service business and wish to use these forums then please do so without promoting your business when fellow forum members post a question. People come here looking for answers to garage door related problems and leaving a response of "Call us at XYZ Garage Door Company and we can fix it for you" to a members post is not a helpful answer.

    Please give constructive advice and tips. If something may be dangerous for someone to attempt then tell them why it's dangerous and point them towards the Pro's Corner of the forums[url=Posting In The Pro's Corner][/url] where they can search for fellow forum members (you) that are trained in repairing garage doors.

    If you want to promote your garage door company or service business you may do so in the Pro's Corner of the forums. Be sure to post your listing in the region of the country that you are in so people searching locally can find you. Leave detailed info in the services you provide and how customers can contact you.

    We will no longer allow garage door companies or services to promote their business in any other area's of the Garage Door Zone Forums. We will remove any posts that we see outside of the Pro's Corner[url=Posting In The Pro's Corner][/url] that do not give helpful advice and/or promote a company, business or service. If a member has too many posts removed for not following these rules then that member will be banned.

    Thank you for understanding and enjoy the forums.

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