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    Genie 3024 Replaced Main Board, completed Setup, now it just clicks



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    Genie 3024 Replaced Main Board, completed Setup, now it just clicks

    Post  willgavc on Thu Jun 15, 2017 10:12 am

    Good morning, I have a Genie 3024 IntelliG 1000, I changed out the main board in it after the original died from a power surge. I completed the setup of setting the up and down limits as on this model, it's done electronic. The end of the instructions, it says to cycle it from the wall control completely to save it to memory, which is what I did.
    1. Set down limit
    2. set up limit
    3. push wall button to lower door 
    4. push wall button to raise door
    -Now, by all intents/purposes, it's saved to memory.... but now the GDO doesn't do anything, and when I try to re-enter the setup mode, which it enters just fine, when I press the down button (remember, chain is still in the "up" location.) the relays on the board click twice. everything else seems to work fine. sensors are lit up, not blinking like before, lights on the head work just fine. Really Puzzled. 

    Thanks in advance!

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