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    $400 for extension springs??



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    $400 for extension springs??

    Post  chris3weber on Thu Dec 28, 2017 1:48 am

    Sorry for the length of this post -I have been having a problem with my garage door not wanting to go down and then when it does go down all the way, it starts back up.  I had to stop it and make it go back down again a couple of times before it would stay closed.  I called a garage door company I had previously used to come make adjustments (I thought it was an adjustment on the opener) and he told me it needed new springs.  At first he said I needed to put in the big spring over the door and that would be close to $1,000.  I said no, what about replacing the extension springs. That would cost $750, $200/spring and $350 for labor.  I said I couldn’t spend that much right now, what could he do to get the door to close and stay closed.  He said he would have to re-tension the springs and that cost $210.  I looked it up real quick and found springs for $20.  My son went out to tell him never mind, we would fix it ourselves and he was already done.  It had been 9 minutes.  Below are pictures of the springs and the garage door (the pictures rotated so are upside down).  It is a single door and seems to be in pretty good shape.  Is there anything broken and needing to be replaced? 


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    Re: $400 for extension springs??

    Post  GDZone on Fri Dec 29, 2017 11:50 am

    From the pics your door looks fine except for the springs. It looks like you just need to get a new pair of springs. Extension springs come in 10 pound increments so you want to make sure you get the correct ones for the door. For a single car non-insulated door the springs could be 120# to 160# all depends on what your door weighs.

    The price the service company charged you is extreme. A new pair of springs installed by a technician including labor should be between $100 - $200.


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