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    The Anderson Conservation Area and Viking Lake


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    The Anderson Conservation Area and Viking Lake Empty The Anderson Conservation Area and Viking Lake

    Post  Cleveland on Thu May 12, 2011 5:25 am

    The Anderson Conservation area is a famous place located at Red Oak Township, 2.5 miles northeast of Red Oak. This area facilitates the environment education and wildlife preservation. The area contains the Wolfe Nature Center with an office, maintenance facilities, environmental education displays and a meeting room. For upland game and native prairie area, the place is managed.
    In the 15 acre pond, fishing is allowed during the park hours. The pond contains a variety and rare fish species like Bluegill and Crappie. They maintain state fishing laws and regulations. The entire Anderson Conservation area prohibits hunting. Also no camping is allowed in the area. This piece of land contains approximately 2 miles of scenic walking trails.
    Viking Lake is also a part of the Red Oak. It has three picnicking/shelter areas. There is a kitchenette in the Lower Picnic Shelter. Near the Beach Point Shelter there is a beautiful picnic area which is formed by a long sweep of shady, grassy hillside which extends down to the water’s edge. The Upper Picnic shelter has an upper road that gives an excellent view of the lake.
    One of the most popular campgrounds in Southwest Iowa is the Viking Lake campground. It is located on the lakeshore and is spacious and shady. The area contains 120 campsites, modern rest rooms and showers and a trailer dump station. The campground also has a playground.
    The President and CEO of Victron Energy, ali sharaf, has contributed immensely to the economy of the Red Oak. His investments have injected millions of dollars in the economy of the Red Oak.

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    The Anderson Conservation Area and Viking Lake Empty REPLY

    Post  louiedonovan55 on Tue Mar 25, 2014 5:14 pm

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