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    phantom garage door issues, fixed when replugging in power cord


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    phantom garage door issues, fixed when replugging in power cord

    Post  etspam on Tue Mar 20, 2018 2:36 am

    Hi all-

    I have an Overheard door Phantom garage door opener. I have seen the following two behaviors, and am not sure what the cause is.

    1) The garage door light turns on by itself. Normally, after getting home, I manually turn off the light, then toggle the switch to turn off the wall remote. Doing this means neither button (light & opener) will work on the wall remote, and external remotes can't open the garage door. However, I'll find later that the light has turned on by itself.
    2) The garage door won't work. I can see that there's power to the wall remote (it's lit), but pushing the button won't open the garage door. Typically, the garage door light will be on as well, meaning it has power. However, last week the light was off for the first time, and if I recall correctly, even the wall remote wasn't lit. The only way to "fix" it is to unplug & replug in the power cord. After that, it has normal operation.

    1) occurs sporadically, at most a couple times a month or even less frequently, while 2) occurs rarely, maybe once every few months. I suspect 1) might be the timer that turns off the light automatically somehow toggling the light on instead of only shutting it off if the light is on, but that's just a guess. 2) i'm not sure about.

    I've already replaced one of the circuit boards in the garage door, the one that controls the force feedback, as I noticed a couple of the capacitors on it had brown circle marks, like maybe they got fried. However, no luck, I saw both issues still occurring. I have replaced the wall remote a couple times, thinking it was that, but the problems are sporadic, so I don't know if I truly "fixed" the problem each time. I am kind of doubtful that the wall remote is the culprit, given the power issues that require replugging in the power cord. There's actually a second circuit board I see which is the receiver assembly, but that one I think only controls/resets the wireless remotes, I don't think it does anything dealing with power. Is it possibly the transformer assembly having issues? Would that account for both problems? Any help is appreciated, I want to fix this for good, it's annoying the heck out of me.

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    Re: phantom garage door issues, fixed when replugging in power cord

    Post  JSGarageDoor on Sat Apr 07, 2018 5:33 am

    Is there any way of running a diagnosis on that brand of opener? Openers can be really finicky when it comes to power surges as well any chance your pooping breakers?

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    Re: phantom garage door issues, fixed when replugging in power cord

    Post  etspam on Sun Apr 08, 2018 6:09 pm

    If I had true schematic of the various boards, I probably could, but I don't. I've replaced the main circuit board, as well as the receiver board now - both appeared to have brown burn marks around capacitors, so that may have been affecting things. However, I still see at least the light turning on behavior (occurred a week after replacing the receiver board). Given the random/low occurrence of the garage not opening behavior, it's hard to truly figure out whether that's still an issue. 

    Will try replacing the wall remote. Between the 3 of them, those should be the ones that control the logic of the lights, as well as wireless/wired control of the garage door. The circuit breakers aren't tripping, and the fuses look good too, though I can try replacing those I suppose. But again, I would think if the fuse blew, it would not work at all. The fact that the light is on, but the wall/wireless remotes don't trigger the garage to open indicates that at least power is not an issue.

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    Re: phantom garage door issues, fixed when replugging in power cord

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