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    Troubleshooting after Lightning Strike


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    Troubleshooting after Lightning Strike

    Post  joeg on Sat Sep 08, 2018 9:59 pm

    Craftsman 139.53964SRT – Post Lightning Strike Troubleshooting



    After lightning strike, the garage door opened (opener button on the wall), the light bulbs at the opener were burning, the lights in the sensors were off, and the opener blinked an error when attempting to close the garage door.

    Attempted Fixes:

    I replaced the sensors ( ), re-using the wires that were in place. I have one white strand going from 2 to the sensor with the yellow light and one red/black going from 3 to that sensor. I was careful not to reverse them. From there, wires continue to the green light sensor. The sensor lights remained off – my understanding is that the yellow should be lit.

    I bypassed the wires by wiring the sensor with the yellow light directly to 2 and 3 on the opener. The sensor light remained off.

    I tried to establish whether the circuit board seems OK by trying to bypass the sensors temporarily by either putting no wires in 3 and only the white wire for the opener button on the wall in 2, as well as by running a wire from 2 to 3. The opener didn’t fall for that and continued to give me an error.



    My next step would be to attempt to replace the circuit board. I think I can do that myself while I’m skeptical I could install an entirely new opener. Given the symptoms and attempted fixes I described, does it make sense that the problem could be with the circuit board – even though most operations appear to work as they should?

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