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    wont close when cold


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    wont close when cold Empty wont close when cold

    Post  smckinnie01 on Thu Nov 22, 2018 7:06 pm

    I have a marantec M4700E, the door will not close when ambient temp is cold unless press and hold the wall switch. I have checked photocell alignment (steady red led on left sensor, steady green led on right sensor. last summer it started doing this and I increased the down force by 2 increments. after that it performed normally until a cold snap a few weeks ago. I increased the down force to maximum setting and it started working again. now it is not closing again unless press/hold the wall switch with cold ambient temps (40 degrees or colder). I dont mind calling a professional but it will probably operate normally during the day. door does not seem to be binding but when press the close button it only move about an inch. Anyone had any experience with this? thanks in advance. also removed the wiring at back of the unit for the photocell sensors and jumpered the terminals, still did not work.

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