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    Garage door openers - please compare Chamberlain B970, B980, B1381?


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     Garage door openers - please compare Chamberlain B970, B980, B1381? Empty Garage door openers - please compare Chamberlain B970, B980, B1381?

    Post  jgy2001 on Sun Dec 02, 2018 9:57 pm

    My 30+ yrs old chain drive Genie 450, 3/4HP works well, except its noisy and the remote control intermittently failed.
    I have a double door Aluminum skin relative light garage door below the bedrooms of my house. I want to make sure the new garage door opener is QUIET and last 10+ years.
    I may not know I need the 1.25HP garage door opener. But the price difference between the 1HP to 1.25HP to 2HP opener is minimal. I want this installation to last, so why not go for the 1.25HP?

    So far, the biggest difference is the WiFi connectivity, which I definitely want and quietness, that means a NO on Chamberlain B970, with child like programming design.

    In fact, I was sold on the Genie MaxForce model 4063 2HP, belt drive, listed in Home depot sales floor comparison chart as the QUIETEST unit.
    But, nowhere I can witness the real actual unit in action. No online reviews or on sale anywhere else.

    First I found the Chamberlain B970, but the review on programming the unit is horrible. It require painful blinking LED in different frequency and lockout 30 minutes when push wrong button. Also require paid annual subscriptions.

    Then, the Chamberlain B980. When I was ready to order it, all disappeared from market everywhere. Only eBay third parties selling at far below factory list $348. Not available from factory web site. I assume this model is gone?

    Then, everybody are listing another new Chamberlain B1381 at $338, "call CORNER TO CORNER LIGHTING™️ LED" WI-FI Garage Door Opener. No actual buyer review, except a few fake reviews. 

    Can some body give me comparison to B970, B980 and B1381?

    What give? Can somebody give me a clue what's going on? Thank you

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