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    Genie 1/2 HP Screwdrive Model 12A


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    Genie 1/2 HP Screwdrive Model 12A Empty Genie 1/2 HP Screwdrive Model 12A

    Post  sheila5 on Fri Sep 02, 2011 11:45 pm

    I do not know how old my garage door is; however I have been in the house for 8 years and it was here before me. When I open the garage door it stops about every foot or so. I literally push the button atleast 8-15 times. When I close the door it stops about at the same place but starts to go back up automatically. I downloaded the Genie ScrewDrive manual Series IS, ISL, IC, and H and looked at the setting where there are suppose to be two screws on the back to adjust the close and open; however there are two places for screw, but no screws. Have any ideas?

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    Genie 1/2 HP Screwdrive Model 12A Empty Re: Genie 1/2 HP Screwdrive Model 12A

    Post  GDZone on Wed Sep 07, 2011 10:09 am

    Have you disconnected the opener from the door and tried working the door manually? If so, how does the door roll up & down? Is it hard to lift or close? Is the door binding anywhere?

    If you can eliminate the door as the cause of the problem then you can focus on the operator. What is the manufacture date of the operator? Does the operator have photo-electric safety sensors? What's the actual model name/number of the operator?

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