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    LiftMaster Commercial dual hardwire contols


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    LiftMaster Commercial dual hardwire contols Empty LiftMaster Commercial dual hardwire contols

    Post  Greybeard on Sun Sep 15, 2019 11:15 am

    I just installed a liftmaster commercial (medium duty).  I got a 3 button wall controller with it. Wiring was as follows.  Up = Green, Down = Blue, Stop = Red and a neutral = White.  Everything works as it should.  Now I came along afterwards and wanted to duplicate the function with and identical PB-3 wall controller about 70' away.  I wired it identically to the original.  I wired it in parallel with the original wiring (they are both wired directly to the head.)  

    It also works as expected with one exception: When I wire the second red (stop) button, then neither of the stop buttons work.  

    When I disconnect the second red (stop) wire both the open buttons and both the close buttons work as does the original stop button.

    I tried replacing the original wall controller with the new one and it works just as did the original so I don't think it is the wall controller.

    I tried replacing the red circuit wiring with another circuit in the same sheath and came up with the same results.

    For now I have the original working with all three buttons working as expected and the second wall controller partially working (open and close buttons working with the stop button disconnected)

    Additional Info:  I experimented with it and found that either stop button would work if the other one was disconnected.  

    I suppose that it is obvious that I am confused about how to get the second stop button working.  Anyone have any ideas?  Thank You for taking the time to read this.  Kind Regards.

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