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    king up and over garage door


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    king up and over garage door Empty king up and over garage door

    Post  teldoyle on Fri Jul 20, 2012 4:09 pm

    hi guys,
    im currently trying to repair my garage door, i called a guy in who siad he could change the cones and cable fro 150 quid which is only 15 quid for parts, he said that might not fix the problem but is a starting point or buy a new door for 1350 quid...yeah right.

    ok problem is some (10) years ago the door fell out of its runner, the top torsion spring bar came of the wooden frame and spun round a bit, the door was locked shut and never used again as it always fell off at one end.

    so im lazy..nah..ive jsut been refurbishing the garage putting on a new roof and upvc windows etc so i thought bout time i had a look at the door that we never use.

    so ive set about doin repairs, the top cross section of the wooden frame was rotten so its been cut out from the rest of the frame and new wood to replace it.

    i then refitted the torsion springs rail/bar, repalcing the washers and lock washers to both ends of the lifting arms on both left and right side of door(door used to catch on door when opening and closing)after setting height of door by packing below the door, which after opening and then trying to close the door the bottom of it hit the concrete can drop in height be avoided or alternatively is it worn sleaves where the arms go through to secure to the door??
    to tension spring i undone to alan key grub screw..then starting from the opposit side started twisting the spring until firm working my way back to where the grub screws are then for extra torque i used pumpliers on the hex head tehn retighten grub screws

    ive not replaced yet cones and cables, right hand of door require attention as it has in the past had a cable repair by unknown persons using a electrical fine holds well but could do with replacing anyway, the cable did used to give uneven rise in door and come of the cones however ive tried to level it as best as possible pending renewal of door or further repair.

    door rollers not yet replaced, examined them today rollers have flat spots on them and wobble about a lot, adjusted the extension into the runner as needed. when lifting door i would say it gets onto a flat spot and door doesnt roll to well and gives uneven lift from that point onwards.

    the symptoms

    door used to fall out of runner, cable used to come of cones coil spring needed securing and missing locking washers needed replacing to stop arms from disengaging, uneven lift, door dont want to stay up kinda wants to come back down on itself and stiff.

    does what im saying above tie in with what symptoms it has and can anyone give me advise on what i should be doing repair repalce etc....i have mechanical repair experience so i think im safe to work on the doors given diploma in vehicle repairs etc.


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    king up and over garage door Empty Re: king up and over garage door

    Post  teldoyle on Sat Jul 21, 2012 9:11 am

    hi guys,

    just as matter of update, ive adjusted repaired cable to red cone to equall length and thereabouts torque, ive given extra clearance from the ground on door height compare to its past clattering with concrete floor door opens closes but not so well.

    the remaining problems are worn rollers..thats no problem easy to do, however when lifting the door, the door feels heavy like spring isnt load bearing,im not sure whether this is part of the same problem or not....when im opening the garage door door lifts part way the cable then skip bits on the cones and wraps on the smaller part of it leaving a loose/baggy cable.

    what im wondering is:
    is the spring and bar worn so much as it doesnt work sufficiently ( will more tension sort it or does it need replacing... tension hard hand tight then finnished of with pump pliers for extra tightness so much so hand hold on spring offers little resistance to the spring attempt to uncoil)

    is the spring under tensioned (hence it seeming not to want to wind properly and not taking the strain or weight when lifting)

    is the cone heads misaligned (head of cone is parralel to outer section of runner, could this create a skip in the cone coils to end up at the smaller end rather than following the coil pattern on rotation)
    any help appreciated


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    king up and over garage door Empty Re: king up and over garage door

    Post  michaelwright on Thu Mar 07, 2013 8:21 am

    As you have already almost everything to get your garage door working again. Now, it would be best if you call in a professional garage door repairmen.
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    king up and over garage door Empty Re: king up and over garage door

    Post  AmmoDoorsAmarrDealer on Mon Sep 16, 2013 12:53 am

    Agreed you need a repair man to set tensions etc and fine tune everything

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    king up and over garage door Empty Re: king up and over garage door

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