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    LiftMaster 8500 - Clearance


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    LiftMaster 8500 - Clearance Empty LiftMaster 8500 - Clearance

    Post  JandyL on Mon May 25, 2015 6:40 pm

    Good afternoon, all - 

    Seeking some advice regarding the installation of a LiftMaster 8500.  I'm using the alternate location extension.  When I loosely fit everything together to see if it would fit, it looked good.  Once I began the formal install, I found that the extension kit's chain is rubbing a bit on a support angle.  I could file some of the angle down or cut/fold where-needed, but I'm concerned about compromising the structural integrity of the angle.  The marks in the pic are exaggerated; I only need ~3/16 - 1/4" of clearance to avoid the rub.  

    Looking for suggestions...

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