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    Lift Master 8065 Travel Programming Issue



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    Lift Master 8065 Travel Programming Issue

    Post  rjarzabek on Sat Jun 09, 2018 10:18 pm

    Please help.
     down/close travel issue on LiftMaster 8065
    Lift Master 8065 1/2 HP  (June  2016)  almost new chain drive  closing/down travel issues.
    Safeties OK  orange /green, door stays balanced  and in place  at any position. I checked the rollers and open door manually up/down no force no binding.Checked and  adjusted chain tension. Checked chain sprocket  and inside shaft  and worm gear. No alarms from bulb/clicks while programming. Error code Up 4flashes  Down arrow 1 flash
    When I program travel up arrow doesn’t give me any issues  going UP goes up continuously. When I try to adjust back down little  it will travel only about 6 inches and stops on its own.  Once I set up open travel limit   and press /release  middle button down arrow flashes like it supposed to . 
    Now ,trying to set close  travel carriage  travels only about 6 inches and stops. It  will not go again until I adjust up arrow little and than I can move down again another 6 inches and so on all the way I want.
    I research little and thinking about replacing Travel Module 041D7742-T
    Please help.
    Just went to check on something for accuracy after plugging power back and testing I got  5 blinks/clicks from the bulb
    Thank you 

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    Re: Lift Master 8065 Travel Programming Issue

    Post  ricks on Wed Jun 13, 2018 12:38 pm

    After setting your limits, try unplugging the power supply for at least 5 minutes and see how it works.

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