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    LiftMaster issue with lockout/can't clear system


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    LiftMaster issue with lockout/can't clear system Empty LiftMaster issue with lockout/can't clear system

    Post  eljefetonto on Sat Jul 07, 2018 2:05 pm

    I have an issue that has locked my system out entirely recently. It is a 41A5021-1H-315 system, single button (doorbell) and currently the LED on the doorbell is blinking quickly, which I believe normally indicates the system is in a "lock" mode. However, I've been trying to use the purple learn button on the back of the unit to reset all remotes (they weren't working alternatively anyway) but pressing any length of time, the LED next to the learn button will not turn on. I've power cycled the system and tried different combinations of holding the learn button on/off but cannot get my system out of lock mode. The instructions recommend that after holding the button 6 seconds, the LED next to it should turn on.

    Looking for some help to solve my issue without having a garage door opener repair come out.

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